Guataca Nights @NY presents: Venezuelan soul night ft. MV Caldera, Gregorio Vegas & Neil Ochoa w/DJ Afro

Venezuelan Soul Music is the result of the marriage between black, spanish and native  culture. Not only the african population brought in during the slave trade settled by the coast as much of the case,some of them travel inland, as far as Los Llanos and the altiplano,creating a very rich, yet subtle type of music when drums met then cuatro (small four stringed guitar), maracas and the sacred chants brought in by the Spanish Catholic missions. The result is a vast array of rhythms that unlike the well known Joropo hasn’t been well expose yet.

During the months of May and June there are two national events happening on the Venezuelan coast (the Caribbean sea), both of which are major expressions of Venezuelan culture. Cruz de Mayo is a tradition honoring Nature. The feast of San Juan Bautista is an Afro-Venezuelan traditional drum dance. Both traditions are spiritual expressions of the Venezuelan people, containing several types of
lyrical improvisations with themes of life, hope and love.

Gregorio Vegas and Neil Ochoa ,  Venezuelan musicians and culture experts, have assembled a representative sample of this type of music in a wonderful performance. Together with Guataca Nights NY brings biggest musical talents such as, DJ Afro (mixes), MV Caldera (vocal), Baden Goyo (piano) Luz Pino (vocals), Chuíto Quintero (percussion), Robert Quintero (percussion), Pedro Giraudo (bass) and Carlos Sulbarán (cuatro).

Join us at Subrosa for Guataca Nights NY with the musicians Venezuelan soul music, Tuesday, may 26 at 8pm. Tickets available through the portal.