Juancho Herrera debuts his New CD at #GuatacaNights


Venezuelan Merengue and peruvian festejo rhythms merge seamlessly to create a sound characteristic of blues, while simultaneously introducing new facets of these traditional beats. Yayo Serka (drums), Dana Leong (trombone), Ben Zwerin (bass), Nikolett Pankovits (vocals) and Jacinta Clusellas (vocals and guitar) make up the roster of special guests joining Juancho Herrera on stage. 

New York, August 21, 2015.- On tuesday, August 25th, 8pm at Subrosa (from the owners of the Blue Note) the Venezuelan singer-songwriter Juancho Herrera will showcase his recently-released CD,  El Mismo Sol, as part of the monthlymusical series Guataca Nights.

Juancho Herrera continually surprises his audience with his unique harmonic innovations, music inspired by the nature of conflict that broaches topics as varied as politics and intimacy. Each song highlights Juancho’s particular trademark, defined by South American soul. Humor, frankness and poetry are woven throughout the lyrics of each piece, further accompanied with harmonies resembling the blues.All this cultivates Juancho’s singular sound, along with help from Chilean batterist Yayo Serkac (Lila Downs), French bassist Ben Zwerin (Angelique Kidjo) and Isreali trombonist Rafi Malkiel.
Join us at Subrosa for Guataca Nights NY with the musician Juancho Herrera, tuesday, august 25 at 8pm. Tickets available through the subrosanyc.eventbrite.comportal. For more information go to www.guatacaproducciones.com, or find us on Facebook @FacebookGuatacaNightsNYC: Guataca Nights NYC.

Ernesto Rangel
Press coordinator