Marina Bravo and Los Sinvergüenzas in Guataca Nights Miami


Guataca Nights welcomes singer Marina Bravo and venezuelan music ensemble Los Sinvergüenzas, who will come together in an unprecedented show at the Open Stage Club in Miami on october 11th at 8:00 p.m.

Music by venezuelan composers Otilio Galíndez, Henry Martínez and Simón Díaz will sound on this evening. The repertoire will also include original compositions and songs by latin american composers like dominican star Juan Luis Guerra. It will be a tour through Venezuela’s music by the hand of these artists who have brought their country’s popular culture  to new standards of expression, loaded with new sounds without losing their traditions essence. Bass player Elvis Martínez will act as special guest.


Through her career, Marina Bravo has demonstrated her commitment to national production. She was formed by singing professors William Alvarado, Marisela Leal and Magdalena León; and integrated the ranks of the Orfeón Universitario, the main chorus of the Universidad Central de Venezuela and one of Venezuela’s most important voice ensembles.  She founded singing duo Pomarrosa with Zeneida Rodríguez and vocal group Piso 1. In 2010 she released her first solo album De donde vengo.

Los Sinvergüenzas, integrated by Héctor Molina (cuatro), Edwin Arellano (guitar, mandolin and mandola) and Raimundo Pineda (flute), was founded in 2000 as a musical experiment in  Mérida (west of Venezuela), performing popular pieces of venezuelan musical heritage. Since then, its members have ventured into the composition of a demanding repertoire with traditional roots, mixed with influences of jazz and contemporary music. They have recorded four albums: Bichoneando (2000), Desde otro lugar (2006); Sinvergüensuranzas (2012), winner of best traditional instrumental album at the local Pepsi Music Awards; and Raíces (2013).

Enjoy Marina Bravo and Los Sinvergüenzas recital at Guataca Nights Miami, on October 11th, 8:00 pm, at the Open Stage Club. Tickets on sale at To learn more about the Guataca Miami projects, follow their Instagram and Twitter accounts: @guatacamiami, or visit the website

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